Field Trips and Service Activities

Scholars explore the unique environment of the Great Lakes region through field trips, excursions, and service activities throughout their two summers with DDCSP at U of M. These trips expose students to professionals, communities, activists, and stakeholders while enjoying the natural beauty of Michigan.

Scholars do service learning at:
  • D-Town Farm
  • Flint Water Delivery
  • Ann Arbor Natural Area Preservation
  • Matthaei Botanical Gardens

Scholars enjoy field trips to places such as:
  • Mackinac Island
  • Tahquamenon Falls
  • White Fish Point
  • International Wildlife Refuge
  • Suttons Bay – Inland Seas Environmental Education

I was so so surprised about how beautiful Michigan was. I had never been to Michigan before and knew nothing about it. But once I got here, I was happy to see some similarities to my home in Florida, but also some great differences. I was glad that there was still water everywhere, but also glad that it wasn’t as hot. Michigan has a lot of beautiful landscapes to offer and I thoroughly enjoyed exploring them. I loved all of the parks that Ann Arbor had to offer and how close and accessible they were.

– 2017 Scholar

Fun Facts


  1. Michigan has 11,000 inland lakes. (source)
  2. Michigan has more total shoreline than any state except Alaska. (source)
  3. Michigan grows 75 percent of the supply of tart cherries in the United States. (source)
  4. There is enough water in Lake Superior to submerge all of North and South America in 1 foot of water. (source)
  5. Lake Superior contains 10% of the world’s surface fresh water. (source)
  6. The shoreline of all the Great Lakes combined equals nearly 44% of the circumference of the planet. (source)
  7. Lake Michigan shores boast the largest freshwater sand dunes in the world. (source)
  8. It’s estimated there are about 100 million lake trout in Lake Superior. That’s nearly one-fifth of the human population of North America! (source)